Differences Between Banner, Interstitial and Reward Ads

Putting an ads will be the common way to earn income specially from free games.

Most ads provider will have 3 types of style for those ads.

These are 3 types of ads with their style:


This type of ads will have an always show image, so the placement must be very carefull not to interfere with the gaming objects.

People usually it at the menu and map, because it has a lot of space for placement.


This type has the character of showing it self automatically full screen in game as a break and usually it can be skip.

This ads must not be call while players are doing interaction with the gameplay, because it will make player and the game lost focus.

The good placement will be when player have a break in the game like winning, losing or pause the game, but remember not to call it often because it will disturb the player.


This ads looks like Interstitial ads, but it has the job to give reward to the player and this ads are the effective way to substitute In App Purchase.

This ads usually can’t be skip not like Interstitial.

To implement this ads an object must be use, because this ads need a trigger so it can show it self.

People usually use a button or image with a function to call it, and the placement will surely at a rewarded objects.

Those 3 types of ads have many different ways when we want to use it depends on the providers.

Some popular ads provider are Google Admob, Unity, Appodeal, Applovin, AdColony, etc.

Every ads provider has their own pros and cons, so we don’t give suggestions because for us everything will be good as long they pay.

But we can suggest use one provider will be better than use many, because the income will not spread and you can monitor it easy.

We hope this article can give good informations for visitor.

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