Games Force The Brain To Think Out Of The Box

Have you ever play games?

Do you feel it kind of wasting time?

Well if you mention about time then we must agree to that.

But did you ever felt that it give you a new way of thinking?

No? Then you must think again.

Real situation between game and life career:

– IQ test

– EQ test

– Problem solving

– Counting ability

– Choosing solution

– Etc

Those are only some in real life situation based on career and much more from daily life.

Maybe when we play games we haven’t the same situation and sometimes we didn’t realize it.

Maybe not all game will give benefits like mention above but we must know that game are build from how the people think.

When people play games and they didn’t meet the situation then they will consider it useless and viceversa.

The most effect will be for childrens because they still have not enough experience and those experience can be gain by playing games.

Example like knowing the animal, tool, word, colour, electronics and many more.

We hope this article will give good readingbfor visitors.

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