Main Reason Many Developer Failed In Their Games

Many developer failed in their games and it really makes us sad seeing their effort wasted.

In this article we want to motivate the developer so they can stay motivated and appreciate their effort.

Many reason will be the cause a developer failed in the games.

There are inner and outer reason for this cause.

Most reason for inner will be:

– Developer didn’t determine their target in the games.

– The games it self has no target for achievement

– Gameplay not fun

– Media not interactive

– No improvement in the games

– No strategic to make player always play the game

– To hard to understand

– Etc

And most reason for outer will be:

– Not enough promotion

– No maintenance for promotion

– No reason for player to try and play the games

– Social connection not implemented

– Etc

We are those reasons will be difficult if ghe games already launch and gives impression for player.

But we must have positif thinking if we want to be success in our goals.

Every games always the ability to be renew and make new impression for player to take a new try out in the games.

We hope this article can motivate developer to appreciate their efforts.

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