Newbie Must Read Before Becoming A Game Developer

When playing games many people thinking of making a better one specially addictive gamers.

Some people got those thinking when they see the In App Purchase and how they will earn from it.

Well that a good thinking but to achieve that we must also know there are big efforts in it and it is not as easy as it looks.

The minimum budget you will be spending will be the TIME and this budget you will spend a lot.

To be a game developer are not only making by thinking but also providing tools because games are build from media.

First step will be choosing your game engine or the code you will be using.

Second you must know what you will be making.

Third prepare your tools on making the game.

Those are the basic 3 step you must aware when you want to build a game.

Looks easy? Well we don’t think so.

Try those 3 step and if it is done then you will automatically know what is the your next journey.

If you got passion in it, we believe you will succeed to be a developer.

But if you are down when preparing those step maybe your passion are not enough.

Keep your motivation high because we can say it is not easy but if you succeed then you will have another skill with good opportunity awaits you.

We hope this article can give good motivation for newbie.

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