Steps In Making A Game Stay Alive

Many games are dead and the word dead has the meaning, there are no interaction anymore between player and the games.

Multiplayer games always stays alive so is it because of that? We can only say not really.

That reason are only one of many reason you can find for a dead games.

Not all multiplayer games stays alive and not all singleplayer games are dead.

Main reason is if the game it self are dead then player will leave it. Correct answer will be player will leave a dead games.

If you don’t want your games to be like that, then you must make the game it self alive then player will come to it.

The question will be HOW right?

Actually it is easy to do but hard to follow.

Here are some simple but effective ways:

– Communications with social

– Promotions

– Reward in game

– New gameplay

– New interfaces

– Make groups

– Etc

Easy right? But we must also know it will take time not like a night action.

When we are making the games alive, we can imagine when start publish the game it will be almost the same.

Just make a positive thinking, if you trust your games then your efforts will give good result but if your doubt then it will not give good result.

We hope this article can give good motivation for our visitors.

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