Differences Between Game Developer, Studio and Publisher

In gaming industry there are 4 main role that considered to be the most important aspect in controlling the game life.

They are creator, developer, studio and publisher.

But we will be talking for the 3 main role in this articles and split the creator in other article.


This role will need a very high skilled in code also some additional media skill.

Development in game such as skill, level, character, stage, item or many more will be very important in game life so player will stick to the game from time to time.

Developer must understand the game before they can develop it and this journey also depends on how the game was made.

Making changes to improve the game will be developer main job and responsibility.


This role build from a team start from creator, developer, graphic designer and many kind of skilled people.

They focus on the game and the target will be to make the game perfect and always developing.

But this role usually focus on the game, so to make the game well known they will depend on the player.

Their budget will be more to the game rather than make the game well known.


This role considered as a very helpful side for both role above.

They have the budget for game to be well known, but they usually don’t focus in creating or development.

This role usually got community and well known so for publishing games will be easy for them and that will be their skills.

With this kind of role, of course they will expect a very good game with development, so they can achieve their target when they publish the game.

From above explanation we can see a big different in their role and target.

So what about Creator?

Creator will be the starter before the 3 role above and this role must have a really good imagination beside skills.

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