People Need To Play Games

For some people playing games just a waste of time but for most people playing games will be a must.

There are pros and cons in playing games but the benefits are much bigger then the lost.

Let’s break the main pros and cons for playing games in daily life.


– Brain training

– Stress release

– Emosion adaption

– Think critical

– Knowledge gain

– Time managing


– Eye

– Time

– Lazy

Yes that will be the main reason for playing games but we can see that the cons can be handle if we can manage ourselves.

Pick the games which will give you more benefits and mainly people which choose something like puzzle game.

Every game has their own benefit, so we must know will it give us the benefits like puzzle for the game, action game for friend in time, math for brain training and others.

People who don’t play game usually will have less knowledge, think less critical, hard to handle stress and some thing like that.

Specially children will need guidance from parents, so they can choose the right games for their children.

We hope this article can give good knowledge for readers.

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