Active Income Vs Passive Income

Most of people have earnings from active income with various of numbers from their jobs.

Those people usually does not care about passive income and never will imagine about it specially when they are in their safe situation.

We will give you some insights about this income characteristics and maybe it will open up the perspective about it.

Let just say active income will give you $1000 a month and it is fixed so how can you compare with passive income?

Passive income has a special characteristics and that is abstract.

Abstract word for passive has a meaning for countless so you cannot predict and make it a fixed value.

When you work then you got income but when you don’t then you got no income so that is active.

But passive got a unique character, like you work once or twice and you got routine income every month.

Income from passive cannot be predicted, like sometimes we got small and sometimes big depends on the situation.

People also like to gain a hybrid to take those chances of income and this kind of people got a smart way of thinking.


1. How long can you work?

2. How much will you earn when you stop working?

3. What can you depend on for your future?

That will be the main questions you must think before your are out from your safe situation.

There are many kind of passive income but choose the most reliable will be a great chance:

– Invesment

– Savings

– Properties

– Etc

In our case we will suggest investment and with our specialization it will be in media entertainment.


1. One time effort

2. Media that will never die

3. Almost all people use it

4. Minimum budget

5. And many more

But this is just an insight not for solution, because every people got their own way of thinking.

We hope this article will give more experince to all visitors.

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