How Much Will I Earn From Ads

Many people have question about this topics and many people also give many kinds of answer, but from us we can only say it all depends on the users.

We will suggest never believe the number you get from people that they say it is fixed because those number will have various number.

But something we can share is calculation based on income with user using the application so you can predict the earning you will have.

From this calculation you will now the answer from why the earning have that number.

We have tested the earning will be around $0.01 from 1 person in one application so we can have a prediction 0.01 * 1 = $0.01.

So what about 100 people? 0.01 * 100 = $1.

That is a very small number for 100 people right?

Now what about 1000 people a day? $10 * 30 days = $300/month

Hmm.. Sounds good? Not yet?

Then try calculate this:

10 application * 1M people /day

How much will you earn every month from those application? And this earning will be passive meaning one time effort and earn lifetime.

But remember those numbers you will get will depends on the daily user meaning if they don’t use it then no income.

We hope this article will give good experience for our visitors.

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