Easy Step Publish Project To Google Play

This article for those who still wondering how to publish your project to Google Play and we made it simple in this article.


1. Google Developer registered

2. Project ready to launch

3. Keystore ready

4. 2 mobile view images (Screenshots must be PNG or JPEG, up to 8 MB each, 16:9 or 9:16 aspect ratio, with each side between 320 px and 3,840 px) and 1 featured image (Your feature graphic must be a PNG or JPEG, up to 15 MB, and 1,024 px by 500 px)

5. 1 project icon (Your app icon must be a transparent PNG or JPEG, up to 1 MB, 512 px by 512 px)

6. Prepare “privacy policy” link


Project already complete (no errors) and exported in .aab file with 64bit to be upload to Google Console


1. Open Google Play Console and sign in your google developer account

2. Select “Create app” button

3. Enter your project details and finish with “Create app” button

4. Now your dashboard are ready continue to setup your app and choose the “view tasks”

5. Finish all the tasks provided according to your project

6. From the dashboard menu scroll to the bottom and choose “app content”

7. Finish all the tasks provided

8. After everythings complete you have two options to choose for publishing the project and that are testing mode or release mode

9. Testing mode will need tester to test the project until you are ready to publish your app or if you are ready then choose “release your app”

10. Choose the “Select countries and regions” then continue to “Create a new release”

11. Upload your .aab file, fill up the details, “save” and “review release”

12. Your are done

Now your job will only to wait for the Google team to approve your app.

Usually it will take around a day sometimes faster to 3 days the longest from our experiences.

Very easy when you already provide all the requirements needed.

We hope this article will come in handy for our readers.

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