Please read our articles before continue for gamer partnership.

This partnership only for creator or developer who have game that ready to be published and we will do the publishing using our system.

We will do quality check for the game because we need a good game before we can do investment for partnership.

This partnership will use contract based system depending on the game development.

Contract system will be in 3 types:

  1. Starter = 2 years contract
  2. Development = 1 year contract
  3. eCommerce = Extra income

Conditions to meet:

  1. We only accept Unity and Android Studio project for now
  2. No errors will be accepted
  3. Creator or developer must be ready for development (optional)

These will be the flow for creator or developer to be our partner:

  1. Register with us to join partnership (We don’t do spam)
  2. Send apk file by email to
  3. We will reply after QC
  4. If accepted send the full project with documentation (for changing Ads or IAP)
  5. Member area will be use for Personal Information, Opportunities and Market
  6. Partnership will start based on contract for 2 years (we will do publishing using our system)
  7. 2 years contract will start after publish accepted by Google Play
  8. After 2 years of contract if there are no development then we will stop the system and will offer to our eCommerce for extra income
  9. If creator or developer can do development then we will continue the partnership for another 1 year
  10. Or if not then we will stop the contract and find other developer for another 1 year so the game will still alive and if creator or developer want to continue then we can continue the partnership again
  11. Point income from this partnership will be variety depending on Ads and IAP from the game
  12. Point income will be split 20%(Us):20%(Creator or Developer):60%(System and Tools) for first 2 years contract
  13. Income will be split 20%(Us):10%(Creator or Developer):70%(System and Tools) for additional 1 year contract

There are also another special opportunity with publisher if they are interested in the game, then we will do negotiation for both benefit but this special opportunity usually the publisher need a good game with development also.

Thank you.

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