Please read our articles before continue for gamer partnership.

Anyone will be eligible to be our partner but we also have conditions in order to choose the most suitable opportunity for registrant for the best experience in this partnership.

For now we only provide partnership with people with Android Mobile Phone.

There are 3 opportunity from our services that we can give for gamer and from the conditions we will sort and assign the opportunity for our partnership.

These are the flow for gamers to be our partner:

  1. Register with us to join partnership (We don’t do spam only for broadcast opportunity)
  2. Install our 2 main games “Coffee Bean Shooter” and “Barista Tap Blast
  3. Play the 2 games and Screen Shot the 2 games map when reach stage 10 minimum
  4. Send us email at with your experiences when playing the games and 2 attachment screen shot
  5. Member area will be use for Personal Information, Opportunities and Market
  6. Opportunities will be using email broadcasting so always be aware because there are people limitation for every opportunities
  7. When selected please do the opportunity well done because we also want to give the best services
  8. Point income from opportunities will have many variety depending on negotiation and it will be up to gamers to choose whether to take the opportunity or not
  9. We only process opportunity from email reply so when gamers decided not to take the opportunity then no need to reply the broadcast email

Opportunities for our gamer partnership:

  1. Installer – For any gamer who can install and give review
  2. Tester – For gamer who can give good input for the game development
  3. Player – For gamer who like to play game most of the time and achieve the game goals

Thank you.

Presented by Coffee3x ~ Dedication for Technology in Entertainment.